5 Easy St. Patrick's Day Crafts for Kids

5 Easy St. Patrick's Day Crafts for Kids

Remember to wear green on St. Patrick's Day to avoid getting pinched. Clovers, rainbows, leprechauns, and gold coins. These 5 crafts will keep the kids entertained.

1. Create a Rainbow

Construction paper and cotton balls create this colorful rainbow. These would be cute hung from the ceiling that way there's always a rainbow above. Instructions for this craft can be found HERE.

2. Handprint Leprechaun

Hello little leprechaun! This handprint craft will be a hit with the kids. I remember loving the feeling of paint between my fingers. How cute would this be to do it every year to document growing hands. Click HERE for detailed instructions.

3. Tissue Paper Shamrock

I forgot how much fun tissue paper and glue could be. This craft does require a lot of prep work to cut the tissue paper into squares, however the end result is super cute. You can either use all green tissue paper or different colors like the photo above. Learn how you can make this craft, by clicking HERE.

4. Rainbow Chain Necklace

I remember as a kid, one of my favorite crafts were creating these chain links. I just was amazed at how it all stuck together and could create a chain as long as you want. I believe in 6th grade, my class created several chains that would connect from each corner of the classroom. Now the kids can be fashionable and wear it as a necklace with some gold hanging from it. Go HERE to start creating your own.

5. Dot Art Shamrock

Every time I see crafts with these dot markers, I think of daubers for bingo. I used to be a bingo fanatic when I turned 21. (haha!) So back to the craft. With a simple outline of a shamrock and colorful dot markers, you have this masterpiece. You can find the tutorial HERE.

We hope you and the kids enjoy these crafts. Which ones did you try out? Leave a comment below and let us know which one was your favorite.


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